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Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall 'The House on Q Street' 2015

Unraveled 'Supermarket Slaughter'  2015

Dear Kate 'First Time' Commercial (dir. Mary Harron / Process Media/ FInal Cut) 2015

'Dateline NBC' - network series various episodes library music  2013 - present

'Katie Couric' - ABC network series various episodes library music 2013 - present

'NY MED' - ABC network series various episodes library music 2014

'20/20' - ABC network various episodes library music 2013

'Back to the Beginning with Christiane Part II' (ABC network Special) - 2012

'Marylanders for Marriage Equality -Vote for Question 6' TV Promo (dir. Brad Cantor / Baltimore) 2012

'Pattern and Data Recognition' Aalto University Center for Entrepreneurship (Aalto University / Audiodraft Finland) 2012

'Jenkatehdas' commercial (Jenkadathus/Audiodraft Finland) 2011

'Empire Bluecross' Healthcare 'Groovin' nationwide commercial (ADM / Anthem) 2010

'Empire Bluecross' Healthcare 'You Make Me So Very Happy' nationwide commercial (ADM / Anthem) 2010

'Holstee T-shirts' web commercial (dir. Alanna Gladstone) 2010

'' web commercial (dir. Lesley Barnes) 2010

'Tommy's UK' Charity commercial (dir. Lesley Barnes) 2009

'Brain Cells'  The Economist commercial (dir. Lesley Barnes)  2007


Assisted with music development on commercials for the following clients :

Best Buy




Florida State

SoLoud Music


KBV / Thwak!

Leo Burnett

Homebase UK