'In Crystal Skin' documentary trailer (dir. Melissa Langer / Los Angeles ) Composer 2015

The Assassin & Ms Paine' documentary (dir. Max Good / San Francisco) Composer 2015 

'Eat White Dirt' Feature documentary (dir. Adam Forrester / Atlanta GA ) Composer 2015

'Eight Days in Rincon' Surf documentary (dir. William O'Marra / NYC) Contributing Composer 2014

'Dry Season' documentary short (dir. Max Good and Tyler Trumbo / San Francisco)  Composer  2014

'Goodbye Old School' documentary short (dir. Max Good / San Francisco) Contributing Composer 2014

'Familiar Memories'  Installation (dir. Pol Merchan / Vika Kirchenbauer /Berlin, Germany) Composer 2013

'Prospect'  (dir.  Derrick Perry / NYC)  Composer 2012

'That Which Binds Us'  (dir. James Bristow / NYC)  Composer 2011

'Vigilante Vigilante : The Battle For Expression' Feature documentary (dir. Max Good & Nate Wollman/ San Francisco ) Contributing Composer 2011 

'Paper Cranes' (dir. Solim Lee / NYC)  Composer 2011

'Paris Peripherique' (dir. Mozell Miley-Bailey / NYC) Composer (2011)

'Il Barbiere' (dir. Robert Cristiano / NYC )  Composer 2011 

'Ghost' (dir. Victor Suarez/ NYC)  Score / Sound Design 2011

'Potter's Field' (dir. Brad Crowe / Los Angeles ) Original theme featured 2010

'-13 Degrees' (dir. Gordon Farquhar / Glasgow ) Original song featured 2010

'The Multitude is Feverish' (dir. Vika Kirchenbauer/ Berlin) Composer 2009

'Red Bull Rampage : the Evolution' (Free Ride Entertainment / Red Bull Media) Original track featured 2009

'Nel Reinu'  (dir. Victor Suarez / NYC)  Composer 2009

'The Loneliness of the Long Distance Dreamer' (dir. Paul Bock / Los Angeles)  Composer / Theme  2009

'Society's Mistake'  (dir. Ron Harvey / The Everett Collection NYC ) Composer / Sound Design 2008

'Stand Up! The Open Mic Road Trip Documentary (Smallface Films / New Orleans ) Original song featured 2007

'Floating Heads'  (dir. Sathya Vijayendran / NYC) Composer 2007

'Portraits of a Clandestine Mind' (Gilberto Gonzales / NYC)  Music/Sound Design 2006

Herzog and the Monsters (dir. Lesley Barnes / Glasgow School of Art)  Music/Sound Design 2006